About us

We are a family of creatives with a passion and commitment to our work. We collaborate with you to translate your intent into content that speaks for itself.

Intent into content

Tinderflint was set up in 2010 with a view to working on projects, which make a tangible difference. That ethos filters through to everything we do, ensuring that we produce great content, whilst making sure that everyone involved has a good time doing so. We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, delivering a range of film, photography and animation content to some of the worlds biggest brands.

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We combine creative thought with practical prowess to produce the right content for the right audience, which is why every client we’ve worked with has worked with us again.
Whether video, photography or animation, our family of practical creatives and our extensive network of talent enables us to pull together the right team for the job.
This also means that we are able to scale up or down dependent on the requirement, servicing both ends of the production spectrum.
Whether a brand, agency or organisation, we’ll work collaboratively to translate your intent into content.


Who we are