Dyno – Suit Up

Regionalised TV advert to help re-position Dyno as 'the home emergency heroes'.

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Cubaka – Dyno

The brief was to help Dyno (formerly Dyno Rod) to reposition themselves as home emergency heroes, rather than just the guys who unblock drains. As this is a low interest category the film had to have an element of humour, the brand was very keen that they not be seen to take themselves too seriously. It also had to refer to Plumbing, Heating and Drains in equal measure and above all else lift brand awareness.

Creative Solution

Working with the team at Cubaka we produced a 30 second TV advert and various re-versions for Dyno’s social platforms. The ad positioned Dyno as home emergency superheroes, we thought about what every superhero has and that is a ‘Suit Up’ moment, where they transform into their alter egos and save the day. We wanted to play on the idea of suiting up and created a pastiche of a superhero film’s suit up sequence, making everything look epic and over the top, even employing a booming film voiceover to make it seem as close to a real film trailer as possible.


The TV ad has been really successful, helping to change perception of Dyno as a brand and also drive people to contact Dyno with household emergencies. The social campaigns were also very well received boosting engagement on all of Dyno’s channels. It’s had over 1 million views on Facebook alone, 3 million impressions collating to less than 1p per view and 3,000 extra hours spent with the brand.

Client: Cubaka – Dyno

Director: Rob Pitman

DOP: Chris Fergusso