ICRC – Sign of Hope

A global direct response TV commercial produced for ICRC to incentivise charity donations and raise awareness of their work.

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The Ad had to convey the immediacy of the ICRC’s response to crisis, showing teams on the ground but without using shocking or gratuitous imagery to get the point across. The film had to utilise in-field stock footage but needed a narrative spine and theme to sow it all together. This had to be achieve stylistically in a raw and modern way.


The team carefully selected in-field footage which captures the journey ICRC volunteers undertake to deliver aid to people across the world. We then intercut this footage with low-lit scenes of a drummer, the drummer and drumbeat in particular acting as the spine to the Ad. The drumbeat drives the tension, as ever-faster cuts flicker between devastating landscapes to parallel the panic and turmoil that the organisation encounters every day. Intricate sound design was then employed, layering and layering to build a cacophony of noise,  this orchestra of chaos is then silenced, revealing a quiet moment of hope that comes with the ICRC’s arrival.

Client: RAPP – ICRC

Director: Rob Pitman

DOP: Chris Fergusson