Kellogg’s Because Yum

Content series for Kellogg's including short form video, gifs and reactive content

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Digitas LBi/Leo Burnett – Kellogg’s Because Yum:

The brief for Because Yum was to develop the concept from previous years campaigns to lift it to the next level. Adding authenticity to the content was key, the films had to feel real and relevant to people’s lives.

Creative Approach:

Working with the teams at Digitas and Leo Burnett snacking scenarios were selected and cereal based recipes created to match the scenarios. Working with director James Lovick the focus of the films was shifted towards making them genuine, ensuring that people could empathise and identify with the scenarios, the people and places was key to delivering the genuine and human feel these films required.

Alongside the master films, short stylised gifs were created, along with reactive content created specifically following the launch of the films to respond to audience questions.

Client: Digitas LBi/Leo Burnett – Kelloggs

Director: James Lovick

DOP: Chris Fergusson

Tinderflint understand and adapt to the agency and client requirements and processes. They are reactive, flexible and creative. They deliver quality work on time and within budget. I appreciated the team’s expertise and support from briefing to delivery, it was a real pleasure working with them.

Alice Dunoyer

Digital Producer - DigitasLBi