A series of stop-motion animations highlighting the health benefits of Ryvita

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WComms – Ryvita:

The brief was to engage and educate the Ryvita audience. Informing them of the health benefits of various Ryvita products in an interesting, entertaining and concise way. We had to translate key health information in a way that was palatable and understandable to a mass market but could also live on social channels where the audio may not be listened to.

Creative Solution:

Working with the team at WComms we produced a series of short stop-motion animations, all of the key information being delivered either through animated images or on-screen text. Each animation was set against a series of different coloured backgrounds to differentiate the product packaging but also to give the films a bright and colourful style. The graphical text allowed us to get all of the key information across without relying on audio and the animated products and images kept the films interesting and engaging, whilst all the time being in-keeping with the Ryvita brand.

Impact and Effectiveness:

The series of animations was launched simultaneously on facebook. To date they have been viewed over 3 million times.

Client: WComms – Ryvita

Director: Irida Zhonga

DOP: Jeremy Wright