Tinderflint was born back in 2010 from three friends getting together with the idea to make a tangible difference. We believe that we should all do everything in our power to do good and this is a small part of Tinderflint’s efforts to do just that – this is Content For Good.  

We commit our time, experience and expertise to help amazing organisations and individuals further their cause at zero cost to them.

We live in an increasingly polarised world and are facing incredible challenges ahead of us. That’s why we feel that crafting stories about important issues, the endeavours of individuals, groups and organisations is so vital. It not only provides an outlet for creativity but more importantly it feels like it’s the right thing to do.

Doing our upmost to be a force for good is the reason we are on the journey to become a B-Corp and why we are looking to continue to improve our sustainable production practices. It’s the reason we have committed to initiatives like Clean Creatives & Free The Work and it’s the reason we have developed Content For Good.

The first manifestation of Content for Good comes in the shape of a film with ‘Tandem Against Suicide’ – an incredible project being undertaken by Xani Byrne to raise money for two charities supporting people effected by suicide. We will be supporting Xani throughout his journey so watch this space but our initial film can be found below, please follow and support him as best as you are able.