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Dorset Cereals

We captured a beautiful series of cinematic short documentary films, profiling the winners of the 2016 Dorset Cereals’ B&B Awards in their gorgeous locations.

  • Project Name
    B&B Awards
  • Client
    WComms – Dorset Cereals
  • Director
    James Lovick
  • DOP
    Gerry Vasbenter
  • Producer
    Jemma Wylie, Rob Pitman

Each year Dorset Cereals celebrate the best B&Bs the UK has to offer. The brief for these films was to create short profile videos of each of this year’s winners. The films had to show these B&Bs in their best light, inspiring people to go and visit. The films also had to tie back in to the Dorset Cereals brand, subtly showing the product and building brand affinity, ultimately encouraging Dorset Cereals as part of the quintessential British lifestyle.

Filmed all across the UK over the course of 10 days we utilised an intimate crew to get heartfelt, warm and genuine interviews from the winners. We paired these interviews with cinematically styled shots, including selectively chosen aerial footage to show the amazing beauty of the areas surrounding the B&Bs as well as the B&Bs themselves. We also captured the moments our owners realised they had won their award, adding  authenticity to the films. Alongside each individual winner, a master film was created as well as short social media cut-downs for each B&B.