HeyCar Sky Cinema Ident

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HeyCar Sky Cinema Ident

Working again with our friends at Atomic we were asked to create our 2nd ident for their client HeyCar

  • Director
    Simon K Matthews
  • Producer
    Sonya Sier
  • Production Manager
    Amanda Tuckwell
  • Production Assistant
    Saffron Foronda
  • 1st AD
    Rosie Owen
  • Runners
    Andy Pereira and Rebecca Melo
  • DOP
    Jeremy Wright
  • Focus Puller
    Mike McDuffie
  • Camera Trainee
    Jason Cleaver
  • Gaffer
    Alex Magill
  • Sparks
    Joel Breakwell and Alex Cullen
  • Production Designer
    Dale Oliver Slater
  • Art Assists
    Matty Mancey-Jones and Sadie Haque
  • Costume Designer
    Patrick Jack
  • Wardrobe Assist
    Karl Osborn
  • HMUA
    Alexis Day
  • HMUA Assist
    Rachel McDonald
  • Projectionist
    Steven Johnson
  • Offline Editor
    Rob Pitman
  • Grade
  • Sound Design
    Jungle Studios
  • Online Editor
    Rob Pitman

Having created a series of idents with HeyCar for Sky Sports we were asked back to produce another for Sky Cinema. Working with the team at Atomic we had to bring to life a series of classic cinema genre tropes and link them together with HeyCar.

The decision was made that we would jump cut between ‘real life’, a period drama, a western, black & white and buddy cop genres to cover as many classic cinema themes as possible.

The practical approach to creating these cinema vignettes was to lock off our camera and car and change the dressing, costume and background each time. We opted for rear projection footage to best enable us to match lighting in shot.