We shot a set of profile films for Hiscox, interviewing a number of Entrepreneurs about the lessons they learned throughout their careers.

  • Project Name
    Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Client
  • Director
    Ryan Mansfield
  • DOP
    Conal Reid, Jeremy Wright
  • Producer
    Becky Griffiths

Hiscox approached us to produce a set of interview led case-study films as part of their new Serial Entrepreneurs series. As a third of Sunday Times Tech Track companies in 2017 were founded by entrepreneurs, we delved into what drives these leading business figures, what they’ve learnt along the way and what they would and wouldn’t do if they had their experiences again.

In-house Director Ryan Mansfield shot the interviews with a two-camera set up, to add a layer of movement to the interviews cut together an overarching montage film as part of the project.