wanted to create a bespoke hotel room that captured both ends of the design spectrum, the established minimalism and the emergent maximalism, in one space.

  • Project Name
    So Extra vs So Chic
  • Client
    One Green Bean -
  • Director
    Ryan Mansfield
  • DOP
    Chris Fergusson
  • Producer
    Becky Griffiths
alt wanted to create the worlds’ first Minimalist AND Maximalist hotel room. Challenging film costume designer Johnny Wujek, best known for working with Katy Perry, and chic Instagram influencer Kaitlyn Ham, to create the world’s first half and half hotel room.

For a limited time customers had the opportunity to book a night’s stay in this amazing new room, great for people who love the best of both worlds. We worked with the team at and agency One Green Bean to create a promotional content suite, used across Hotels.coms’ social channels to promote the activity.