We produced a branded online advert to show HSBC customers how to use their new app services whilst showing a more personal, human side to the brand around the Christmas period.

  • Project Name
    The Last Toy
  • Client
    We Are Social – HSBC
  • Director
    Robin Mason
  • DOP
    Arturo Vasquez
  • Producer
    Becky Griffiths

The brief was to engage with HSBC customers and show a more personal, human side to the brand that was relevant to customers during the festive period. We had to show that HSBC products make managing your money at Christmas a little simpler by putting you in control of your finances with tools such as Fast Balance in the HSBC mobile app. Working with the team at We Are Social we produced a film following the plight of a forgotten toy, playing on the magic of the festive period and portraying the world with childlike wonder. With a toy as the vehicle for the emotion of the film we wanted to tug on people’s heart strings, empathise with the toy and humanise the process.

The sentimental and emotional aspects of the film made it shareable and enjoyable for audiences to watch. Across all channels the video surpassed HSBC benchmarks. A 6 day run on Facebook gained a total of 8,032,634 impressions and 1,549,925 video views, a VR of 19.30%. The YouTube (14th Dec-18th Dec) video captured 979,170 impressions of which 28.08% went on to watch the video, 274,940 views. On twitter (14th Dec-18th Dec) the video captured 2,127,803 impressions and 247,718 views, a VR of 11.64%