With Mocktails on the rise J2O wanted to position their Spritz range as a tastier and faff free alternative to Mocktail madness.

  • Project Name
    Mocktail Madness
  • Client
    TinMan Comms - J2O
  • Director
    Rob Pitman
  • DOP
    Conal Reid
  • Producer
    Bronagh McKenna

J2O wanted their fun and cheeky tone of voice to come through in the video, poking fun at a hipster making an exotic mocktail that takes an age to make, featuring scented sprays, candy floss and dry ice. This contrasting hugely with the super fast and super tasty J2O Spritz.


Working with J2O and agency TinMan we had to create a thumb stoppable opening shot for the social first films, so the more OTT the better. The content was all shot vertically as the primary platform for the content was Instagram.