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We created a set of vertical mobile first films for Instagram and Facebook to help promote how Sky Mobile’s new data can help ‘save your bacon’ in a series of fun scenarios featuring some super-cute micro pigs.

  • Project Name
    Save Your Bacon
  • Client
    33 Seconds - Sky
  • Director
    Ryan Mansfield
  • DOP
    Conal Reid
  • Producer
    Aleisha McLardy

Creative PR Agency 33 Seconds approached us to produce a series of fun films to help promote Sky Mobile’s latest data offering… with some very special stars. Filming alongside 10 week old  micro pigs Eddie and Lula we shot over two days producing 3 films. The films were seeded out and promoted on Instagram and Facebook as both vertical and square deliverables.

As part of our preparation for the project and along with our extensive experience shooting with animals, we collaborated with A-Z animals to help cast and train the pigs to perform simple actions on camera. With extensive discussions with legendary animal trainer Gerry Cott who worked on the original Babe film (and one time guitarist of the Boomtown Rats) we honed the scenarios to maximise the time with the pigs on camera on a tightly scheduled shoot.