Starling Bank The Play Gap

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Starling Bank – The Play Gap

Our friends at Third City approached us to produce a hero film and a series of social cutdowns to accompany their 'Make Pocket Money Equal' awareness campaign for Starling Bank.

  • Director
    Joe McGowan
  • Tinderflint Producer
    Yvie Russell
  • DOP
    Jackie Teboul
  • Sound Recordist
    James Wyatt
  • Art Director
    Tony Fran
  • Production Assistants
    Sarah Carr and Saffron Foronda
  • Offline Edit
    Maya Forcione
  • Online Edit
    Maya Forcione

A study conducted at the University of Loughborough found that, on average, primary-school aged-boys receive 20% more pocket money per week than their female peers. On top of that, toys marketed towards girls cost an average of 5% more. This totals a pocket money pay gap of 25% for young girls!

Our production team created the bespoke Play Gap Toy Shop where the price of the toys reflects this 25% disparity in cost for girls. We then invited six 8-10 year olds along to film their reactions and document their honest commentary on the toys costing more for girls than for boys. 

Filming took place at the transformed Niddle Noddle toy shop on Topsfield Parade in Crouch End where our star kids were allowed to run wild and enjoy all the store had to offer, before sitting down for an interview in the afternoon to give their thoughts about the girls being charged more for their toys. 

Our content was picked up by a range of outlets across the UK including The Sun, the Netmums newsletter and the video has been used across 30+ Reach Plc regional sites, such as Liverpool Echo & Wales Online.