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5 Reasons Why you Should Invest in Video in 2019

Until quite recently there was a prevailing attitude among marketers that videos for use online, and in particular for use on Social Media, could and should be cheap and cheerful. The aim was for brands to appear a natural part of the content landscape – to mirror the body-language of the burgeoning online masses – and most of that landscape consisted of rough and ready video and photos shot on camera phones. Remember those?

Having a camera in your phone is no longer a novelty. And those folks filling the internet with videos, music, art and animation now have professional grade production tools in their bedrooms. For brands looking to inveigle their way into Social Media, rough and ready no longer looks authentic, it looks careless.

At the same time, Social Media channels have matured into complex and commercially savvy media offerings. The marketer’s focus has shifted from communities to audiences, and from cheating reach through wangling shares to earning attention through arresting, emotive and compelling content and experiences.

The new imperative is not on some insincere attempt at authenticity but on quality of communication. Most marketers can’t deliver that without expert help. And I’m guessing that you’re reading this because you’re interested in putting a case together for making the best work of your career.

And so, inevitably, here are 5 reasons why smarter marketers are investing in professional video production in 2019. Did someone say listicle?

1) Online video is set to account for half online content consumption by 2020

Online video viewing globally is expected to grow by more than 20% over each of the next two years (1), driven by the spread of mobile devices, improved displays and faster mobile data connections. But don’t be fooled into thinking that everyone’s clamouring to watch your ads, which still only account for 6% of all video views. Smart marketers will still need to find ways to use online video in useful, enriching or entertaining ways – and that takes expertise.

2) Online video is the indispensable high-performance medium

Analysis of all IPA Effectiveness Award winners for 2016 to 2018 show that 79% of all winning case studies made use of online video in some form or another (2). Digital campaigns eschewing video only accounted for 13% of all winners. If you’re focussed on commercial success online, quality video content should be the centrepiece of your campaign.

3) The prosumer video revolution means ‘good’ is better than ever

The rise in affordable shooting and editing solutions, as well as free to access online tutorials, means that high-quality video production is no longer the preserve of professionals. Teenage vloggers have professional-grade AV suites in their bedrooms, the
lines between consumer and professional have blurred and we find ourselves in the age of the prosumer (3). If your brand is to be taken at all seriously online your online video craftsmanship must be on-point.

4) Quality – not budget – is what’s important

Recent research has showed that modest investment in quality production can have greater impact than either investing very little or your whole year’s budget on a single piece of video (4). Running an experiment entitled “One, Ten, One Hundred”, Wistia have shown that, when publishing three videos of varying production quality, the one costing $10K to produce outperformed those costing $1K and $100K.

5) And quality can still be your point of difference

Audiences, particularly younger audiences, have a love/hate relationship with branded online video, so you’d better make sure your brand gets it right. A report from Unruly (5) found that while Millennials are 112% more likely to share an ad they like they are also the group most likely to be turned-off by poor quality video and most likely to block or mute brands they think are insincere, fake or uninspiring.

Investing in professional third-party video production expertise is a smart way of standing out from the crowd, catering to the appetites and expectations of your buying public, and to inspire audiences hungry for rewarding, entertaining and inspirational video experiences online.

Joe Hoppard, Head of Content Strategy at RAPP UK


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