Words From The Wise @ Sixty

‘Content is King’ as the digital adage goes. Sadly, this precept has been applied a little over-zealously in the current communications climate. Access your Facebook or Twitter feed and you’ll be veritably drowned in a sea of visuals.

The toughest challenge for organisations today is to achieve ‘brand buoyancy’. To stand out in this overly competitive ocean of information, it helps to realise that ‘context is Queen’.

Millennials and Generation-Z are notoriously difficult to market to for a reason: they are super-selective about the content they choose to engage with. In this respect, the digital marketing revolution will not only be televised, it will be Liked, Tweeted and broadcast on Periscope!

Rapid advances in handheld tech are playing a pivotal role when talking about video content. Youtube has over 1 billion monthly users, and Netflix is poised to become the biggest world’s biggest video network.

Given this, the social spoils of the digital war will go to the brands that tell the best stories. Innocent Drinks is setting an exemplary standard by harnessing a blend of short and long-form content. Here, the form of their videos is tied seamlessly to the function of their different marketing channels e.g short-form videos for Instagram; long-form stories within Youtube.

In essence, video publishing is the future of advertising, and winning organisations like Taco Bell and AirBnB continue to champion advocacy by carefully adapting their brands’ stories to the unique attributes of the different social channels in their marketing mix…long live the Queen (of Context)!

Sixty Gelu is a Social Media Strategist