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Dr Mitra Memarzia is Head Of Collaboration @ seeper

Dr Mitra Memarzia is Head Of Collaboration @ seeper

Virtual Reality-Check!

Whether you work in technology or not, it’s hard not to be bombarded by the countless VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) hype. Hailed as the next big thing for what seems like an eternity, we are perpetually on the brink of the ‘virtual’ era. A golden time that promises new experiences and business opportunities across every sector imaginable.  In reality, we are still very much in the early days.

However, thanks to the rapid advancement of smartphones, the convergence of technologies, and collaboration and sharing tools, we’re getting closer. Once purely in the realm of the ‘computer geek’, VR is now becoming more accessible and widely adopted outside of gaming. As the devices become more affordable and platforms such as Virtual Reality Youtube allow us to share our creations, we’re building momentum and expanding the myriad of experiences and uses that VR has to offer. Soon enough countless VR platforms will seamlessly take you from one world into another.

But, in order to fully realise the true potential of this relatively new technology, we need to keep an open mind and nurture an inventive spirit. At seeper, we know that great things come to those who wait, but we also know that impatient tinkering is the key to innovation. Our approach to the Virtual tools and platforms is how quickly can we get our hands on the latest gadget and push it to its outer limits through our creative approach.

Our focus is always on the experience itself, and whilst we are excited by the technology, we see it as the enabler and not the star attraction. We deeply understand that in order to create outstanding experiences, we must consider all the senses. Being fully immersed and cut off from the physical world has merits in certain scenarios and not others, namely most public settings. For us, the challenge of Virtual Reality is to develop shared experiences that merge the ‘real’ with the ‘virtual’ environment. In order to solve this challenge, we recently created seeForm, a hybrid evolution on a VR headset using a camera that captures the real environment and feeds it into the virtual. This is allowing us to create new experiences for events and attractions, making the technology more intuitive.

We have a rising expectation of technology. We tend to get ahead of ourselves which in fact, is a crucial part of the driving force behind innovation, but focusing purely on technology, we risk missing the point.  Focusing on people and purpose will keep us firmly grounded in the present, whilst making full use of futuristic technologies. The most amazing uses of Virtual technologies are yet to come, and most likely will spring from the most unlikely of places!

Dr. Mitra Memarzia is the Head of Collaboration at seeper